About the Artist

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and having a look. My name is Gabriela and I have a passion for making wheel-thrown, functional pottery. It was love at first sight the day I sat at a wheel and I have been throwing ever since (with the exception of a hiatus after our son was born). I have about 12 years of throwing experience and I love learning and trying new techniques. The one thing that has never changed is my dedication to making functional pieces. That means that my art is meant to be used, not placed in a gallery or on a shelf. So please, use that bowl or casserole dish as much as possible. I believe there's something very special about making a bowl or dish that will hold the food you make and share with your friends or family. Or making a handle just right for you to hold while you sip that hot, comforting mug of coffee in the morning. Pottery in bloom is meant to be affordable, usable art that has a place in your home, at your table, and in your hands. Let me know what I can make for you!